We’re thrilled today to be announcing our fifth residency program, hosted in our office in New York in June 2020

Over the last 4 years, we’ve hosted a series of residencies to help train and develop the next generation of Bitcoin and Lightning protocol and application engineers.

Chaincode’s mission is to support Bitcoin, and we believe a critical part of that work is creating a welcoming, inclusive environment for less experienced contributors to find their start in Bitcoin.


We’ll host two seminar sessions, one for Lightning and one for Bitcoin protocol development (applicants can apply to both):

  • The Lightning session (June 1st — 5th) will cover the history of payment channels and the Lightning Network; the BOLTs; routing and liquidity; attack vectors and privacy considerations; and the future of Lightning. Previous guest speakers include Tadge Dryja, Alex Bosworth, Christian Decker and Fabrice Drouin.

  • The Bitcoin session (Jun 11th — 19th) will cover the history and philosophy of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Core; how to be an effective contributor; the categorization of threat models; consensus issues and soft forks; and fungibility, privacy and scalability concerns. Previous guest speakers include Pieter Wuille, Matt Corallo, Giulia Fanti and Ethan Heilman.

We’re extremely proud of our ressies, and of the work we’ve done to help onboard deserving new contributors into the Bitcoin developer world. Our alumni have done extraordinary things across the Bitcoin ecosystem, whether that’s joining companies to contribute to open source projects (Carla Kirk-Cohen, Alex Bosworth and Johan Halseth at Lightning Labs; Amiti Uttarwar at Xapo; James O’Beirne at DG Labs; John Newbery and Antoine Riard at Chaincode Labs), running organizations (Neha Narula at MIT DCI), starting their own companies (Chris Stewart at SuredBits; Andre Neves at Zebedee) or becoming influential individual contributors (Rene Pickhardt as an educator; Will O’Beirne by launching Lightning Joule; Pierre Rochard as a developer and advocate; Fabian Jahr as an OKCoin-sponsored full-time Bitcoin contributor). Our residents have diverse backgrounds and come from all over the world, but they have some things in common: they’re talented and passionate about Bitcoin and Lightning.

So if you love Bitcoin or Lightning, you’re eager to learn, and you’re ready to make impactful contributions to the open source ecosystem, then we’d love for you to apply. We truly believe the Chaincode Residency offers a unique opportunity to catapult your Bitcoin career.

We’ll provide lunch and a beautiful workspace located in Midtown Manhattan. Travel and accommodation are provided on a case-by-case basis. Come join us for a life-changing educational experience in one of the most vibrant cities in the world this summer.