We’re proud to announce the fourth Chaincode residency, to be hosted in our new office in Midtown Manhattan this summer.

Supporting the developer community and helping new contributors get their start in Bitcoin protocol development is a key part of our mission. Over the past three years, our residency programs have helped many developers start contributing to Bitcoin projects. Alex Bosworth and Johan Halseth (Lightning Labs), Neha Narula (MIT DCI), James O’Beirne and John Newbery (Chaincode Labs), Chris Stewart (SuredBits), Pierre Rochard (Lightning Node Launcher), Rene Pickhardt (LN developer and educator) and Will O’Beirne (Lightning Joule and WebLN) are all Chaincode Residency alumni.

Residency 2019

This summer’s edition is our most ambitious yet, building on the experience we’ve gained from our previous residencies. Our new office has allowed us to radically expand the scope and duration:

  • The first three weeks will consist of a seminar and discussion series, giving all residents a thorough grounding in Bitcoin and Lightning protocol development. Seminars will be led by Chaincode employees and guest speakers, including some of the most prolific contributors in Bitcoin and Lightning protocol development. Previous guest speakers include Pieter Wuille, Peter Todd, Tadge Dryja, Alex Bosworth, Christian Decker, and Cory Fields.

  • Armed with this knowledge, the residents will spend the next two months writing code and making impactful contributions to open source Bitcoin and Lightning projects. Each resident will be paired with a mentor to help guide them through the process and will have access to the Chaincode team and their peers for day-to-day help. We’ve recruited some exceptional protocol engineers to act as mentors, including Christian Decker, Gregory Sanders, Matt Corallo, Fabrice Drouin, and many more.

Bitcoin is blessed with an extraordinarily generous developer community. Our volunteer mentors are some of the leading contributors to the Bitcoin and Lightning protocols, and they’re devoting their time to help train and educate the next generation of protocol developers.

We’re looking for developers from all backgrounds to apply. The only requirements are that you want to learn about Bitcoin and Lightning and that you’re excited about the prospect of spending summer writing code and contributing to open source Bitcoin projects. We’ll set each resident up with accommodation and a stipend to support living expenses in New York for the summer. International applicants are welcome.

If you want to experience a life-changing educational experience in one of the most vibrant cities in the world, we invite you to apply. Come join us and make this your summer of Bitcoin!